How do I start networking?


I am looking to starting networking and I wondered if anyone had any advice on how I can get started? any groups I can join?  I live in London

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Networking can be daunting, even if you’re a really sociable person who enjoys going to events.  You may think it’s all about selling yourself, but actually it’s more about discovering what everyone else does. That’s how I first approached networking.  The thought of introducing myself to a complete stranger and trying to ‘sell’ my services filled me with dread.

It’s much easier to walk in, grab a drink and find a friendly looking face.  Then walk right up and join in the conversation, and ask them what they do.  You’ll feel less nervous talking about your business if someone else has asked you first.

If you’re London based I can recommend Urbano Networks.  They’re a really diverse group, lots of support and the events are really good.  If you’re a female founder or startup, take a look at Blooming Founders.  Very supportive and they also have hotdesking space too.

Don’t forget to check out any local networking opportunities.  Having a great support network on your doorstep can be invaluable.  It can be really lonely when you start out, and you never know what collaborations and friendships can be forged.

Good luck!


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