Hannah Morgan


Hannah Morgan

Summarise your business or job-role:

I am firstly a farmers’ wife and mother, coupled with being a partner in the farm business, I concentrate on all the paperwork and accounts. I also run ‘The Wife Behind The Farmer’ which has organically grown to support other women like me who are needed on the farm, yet want their own business too and strive to keep their identity. Through my social media platforms I showcase their businesses, events, and achievements, I really championfarming is about team work, whatever roll the family member plays.

How and why did you get started in your chosen career/profession:

Have you been faced with particular challenges where you felt you couldn’t carry on? Farming, as an industry is always faced with challenges and this is one of the reasons ‘The Wife Behind The Farmer’ was born. I not only needed more as a wife and mother, the farm did too. By doing something loosely linked to the farm I felt I’d be able to stay in an industry I loved and live in, yet support people who maybe new to farming and the challenges of rural life.

I started off by writing a blog shortly after I lost my Dad to cancer in 2016, the response to this was insane and it really encourage me to write more, so I did. I was asked to writearticles for different agricultural publications about bringing kids up on a farm and how not to lose yourself to your surrounds, for example. From this I had an influx of women like me getting in touch, they had married into a farming background and had no idea of how to cope and how to still follow their career path when suddenly they realised they didn’t just marry the man of their dreams, they married a hectic 24/7 lifestyle.

From here, my path had been created for me. It was obvious that women who were living in our rural areas with babies, children or just a husband had major issues with isolation and loosing of their self defining all.

My business is very social media led, therefore, I can be more open and anyone can be part of the ‘community’. By creating my hashtag #outsidebarn I give women the opportunity to post links about their business, events and other achievements. I then can focus on some of these and give them an extra push. For instance, one farmers’ wife that contacted me made beautiful felt pictures from their sheep’s wool, So I brought one, I posted about it on Facebook and Instagram, she thenhad to close her order for a short time so she could fulfil orders… This gave me a huge buzz, that impacted her life and small business in such a way.

As my following continues to grow I get asked to attend industry based events (I have even judged the ‘Best Dressed Lady’ at CLA Game Fair last year) and promote a few small British brands, which I am honoured to do.

It has amazed me how 98% of people that follow you, trust you and believe in what you are genuine, lovely people. Then you get the remaining 2%… Negativity, rude comments and being told I was living a make believe life were some of things I have faced. This minority did make me stop and think, ‘should I be doing what I’m doing?’, ‘am I offending people?’ It really did hurt. I spoke to friends and it was no clearer, it was something I had to get straight in my own head, I took time out which gave me space to think. I slowly came to the conclusion that 98% of people can’t be wrong, so I held my head up and carried on. From this come back, came my nomination came from The British Farming Awards and that sealed it for me, There is a place for me and I’m staying (sorry 2%).

What has been your proudest and most successful moment todate? (Aside from family)

It’s been 4.5 years since my husband and I took over his family farm, in which time we have gone from strength to strength and the farm is becoming increasingly viable. Being part of the farm and ‘The Wife behind The Farmer’ work really well together and this was none more evident than when I was nominated and went on to be one of the finalist at The British Farming Awards 2018 for Digital Innovator of the year, For the work I do online with farmers’ wives. This was made even more special as I was one of the first ladies to be finalist who wasn’t an actual farmer by trade. These national awards are hosted by The Farmers Guardian (a huge publication in the agricultural sector) and attended by over 1000 advocates of  the British farming from all over the world.

Trekking the Mountains of Oman for the charity Coppafeel in 2017 was also a huge moment for me, I raised over £3,500 and as a team we smashed £200,000.

If you could offer one single piece of advice to anyone who wanted to start their own business/ start the same career what would it be?

Follow your heart, but listen to your head. You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and this should drive your motivation… Alas, you seem to be a regular topic in some people’s lives, so keep giving them reason to talk! #bekind


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